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Welcome to the Big Bad 10! This challenge features ten iconic terrible games, of which the fastest competitor will be crowned this year’s Big Bad 10 Minner! What does the Minner receive you may ask? Aside from the adulation (and pity) of your peers, a sense of self accomplishment that you have played some of the most playable bad games out there.

How do you compete? It’s simple! Download the emulator and rom pack from provided link. You have until the day of the competition to learn these games and their challenges. On Saturday June 1st, competitors will race to complete the following challenges in order. Competitors can run at any time on that day, but must complete the challenges in a single session and are only allowed a single run at the gauntlet.

Competitors may pause the timer for emulator swaps, control bindings, and bathroom breaks. Anything beyond a couple minutes or so would be against the spirit of the competition and competitors needing a longer break should leave their timers running.

All are encouraged to compete! It’s bound to be a fun afternoon for you and the viewers of fine, top shelf quality trash like our selection below.

Big Bad Gameathon will be looking for and re-streaming competitors throughout the day, so if you’d like to avoid being re-streamed please let us know when you register to play.


Bubsy 2 (Genesis) Complete East Wing, First Floor.
Shrek Swamp Kart Speedway (GBA) Beat all Swamp Rally races.
Alfred n the Fettuc (NES) Complete the First two levels.
Rex Ronan - Experiment Surgeon (SNES) Complete the Heart stage.
Mulan (GB) Beat the snowboarding section.
Hard Head (Arcade) Beat Skele-chan in Level 9, both forms.
Urban Yeti (GBA) Win the Discus Tournament.
Home Alone 2 (SNES) Enter the Uncle's House.
Deae Tonosama (SNES) Beat First area, all stages.
Barbie (NES) Beat the Game.